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Company Information 

The website is owned by Massproductions Europe AB, a company registered in Sweden under the organisation number 556625-7019.


Shipping Policy

As of now, Massproductions Europe AB delivers to Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Austria, and The Netherlands. The information provided at checkout is used for scheduling the delivery. Please make sure that this information is correct when checking out to avoid any unnecessary delays and issues.

Delivery time is estimated and differs based on your location, but once the goods are dispatched, the delivery takes about a week. Goods are shipped from our warehouse in Poland. The time between an order placement and shipment of your order is about 2-3 business days, unless you have specified a different delivery date.

Missing and Stolen packages

If your order is missing, or shows successful delivery but you have not received the goods please contact our Support team at INFO@MASSPRODUCTIONS.SE. Please note that Massproductions AB does not take responsibility for an order that shows successful delivery.


Return Policy

If you are dissatisfied with your order, you might make a return within 14 days of confirmation of delivery. The return of products must be in original condition, including original packaging. Massproductions Europe AB reserves the right to decline a return if the product has not been returned in its original packaging or it has been packaged in a different way than received, the product has been damaged by the customer, or by improper packaging, and/or components are missing.

The customer is responsible to cover any shipping charges connected to the return of the product to our warehouse in Poland. This also applies to orders that were returned to us because of failed delivery attempts to a customer, the refund in this case would be processed as the paid sum minus the shipping costs.

Currently, Massproductions AB does not offer exchanges. In order to exchange a product, you will have to send the product for a refund and place a new order instead.



Product Warranties

Massproductions AB warrants to the original purchaser that standard products will be free of defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 5 years from the date of original invoice. For furniture intended for outdoor use, the warranty is limited to 2 years. For fabrics and leathers the offered warranty period is 1 year. For special product variations the warranty period is 1 year. Massproductions AB shall, upon prompt written notice, decide if the product should be repaired or replaced. The warranty only covers materials and no other costs associated with replacing faulty products.


Massproductions AB warranties do not apply to normal wear and tear, customer’s fabric, customer’s own or other third-party materials, effects of extreme temperature or unusual environmental conditions. Furniture intended for outdoor use should not be exposed to temperatures below zero degrees Celsius (°C). Natural variations in wood, leather, stone or other natural materials are not considered to be defects. Natural air bubbles can occur in handblown glass products, this is not considered a defect and cannot be claimed. Solid wood can move slightly caused by humidity, resulting in a stripy effect on pigment lacquered products such as the Albert Collection. This is not considered a defect and cannot be claimed. No responsibility will be accepted for misuse of products, neither does the company’s responsibility extend to any damage caused by inadequate maintenance or faulty assembly on the part of the purchaser and the direct or indirect consequences thereof.


Damaged Products & Claims

If the product has been damaged during transport or is faulty, you have the possibility to claim it.


To claim a product please contact our customers support team at INFO@MASSPRODUCTIONS.SE as soon as possible. We will help you claim a product.

For damages which have occurred during transport, the following conditions apply:

  1. Evident damages on goods and/or packaging must be documented with a written note on the freight bill, with the signature of the driver. Product damages must immediately be reported to Massproductions AB in writing. Evident transport damages must be reported according to this routine in order for a claim to be accepted.
  2. Concealed damages which cannot be assumed to have been evident at goods reception, or damages not evident due to large goods volumes received, shall be reported to Massproductions AB in writing immediately after discovery, but not later than 6 days after receipt of the goods.

All damages according to 1. and 2. should be documented with photos in order to facilitate the handling of the claim.

Please hold on to any packaging, and products while we review your claim.


Order Change Policy 

If you wish to make a change to your order please contact INFO@MASSPRODUCTIONS.SE as soon as possible. As we strive to ship your goods to you as soon as possible, we estimate that the time from order placement to shipment is about 2 – 3 business days, therefore the window for changes is rather small, and if your order has already been shipped we cannot make any changes to the order.


Privacy Policy

Here at Massproductions we take your privacy seriously.

All information that we receive from you will be handled with care and respect and in line with the GDPR legislation that is in effect since 25/05/2018. This statement clarifies what kind of personal information we receive and how we handle this information.

This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you consent to our Cookies policy.

For a full Privacy policy please FOLLOW THIS LINK.

Your rights to processing of personal data

You have the right to request Massproductions AB to stop processing your data for updates and news at any time, as well as change or erase all personal data in accordance with applicable data protection regulation.



Promotions cannot be combined, unless otherwise stated on our website. Discounts are time bound and promotional codes are restricted to one order per customer, a limited time, limited product range.

Privacy policy

Everyone who wishes to create an account on our website can enjoy additional functionality, like saving certain products, making inquiries, or downloading product information PDFs. In order to create an account the user fills in their name, email address, company and profession. This information will purely be used when an inquiry about a product is made, the inquiry will be sent to our administrations email address along with the personal information, in order for us to get in touch with the person or company in question properly. If someone wishes to delete or update their account then they can do so easily on their accounts page.

Our newsletter subscribers also fill in their name, email address, company, and profession. Their name will only be used to address them in the emails, the email address will only be used for sending out our newsletter, and their company and profession details are used by Massproductions to create a better understanding about our audience. None of this information is ever shared with third parties, and an unsubscribe link is at all times added in the bottom of our newsletters.

Our full Privacy Policy can be downloaded from our website’s downloads page.